GoingGlobal and Your Job Search

At this time of the year, we’re usually elbows deep in working with students’ who are searching for a job.  This means we’re leading job hunters workshops, some aimed at either our international students who would like to remain in the US.  Finding companies with a history of filing H1B visa, which allows them to hire foreign employees, has not always been easy to find.  Oh yes, the data is out there.  The US Department of Labor collects it and makes it available as an Acess database.  But it’s a huge, hard to search, set.

Now, we have access to that data through GoingGlobal.  By clicking the link to H1B Info, Fuqua users can locate companies by city, state, and industry which can be sorted by job title, wage, and number of H1B petitions.  Being able to locate these companies helps our students narrow their search by focusing on companies who are willing to work with them in their pursuit to work in the US.

Need help searching GoingGlobal?  Feel freen to contact me and I’ll walk you through it.

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