Watch your back…

Who are we?  We’re the Fabulous Ford team.

What are we doing? Moving up in the standings for the Duke’s Get Moving Challenge.  Out of 200+ teams, we’ve consistently placed in the top 15 for number steps taken and in the top 10 for number of minutes exercised.

So let’s meet the team…

The Indomitable Meg – she’s tiny, she’s mighty, she fights cancer with one hand tied behind her back.  By 10am, she’s walked more steps than most people take all week.

Col. Carlton – a gentleman to his core, he’ll bid you “good day” as he powers past you with his two basenji mixes, Angel and Leah.  After a good walk, he retires to the gymnasium for a round of basketball or a session on the elliptical or weight machines.

Paula PoundTrails – she walks at least three miles a day, goes home to work out, then does Pilates, THEN rides her horse Stephen for an hour.  Don’t let her catch you slacking off.

10 Speed Dave – you know that guy you see every day riding his bike to work?  Or that guy you see riding with the area bike club on weekends?  That’s 10 Speed Dave.

The Loneliness of the Long Distance Linda – having completed a marathon last year, she’s gearing down by training for a mere half marathon.  Good thing she’s not so lonely since she has her dogs Ruby and Milo to run with her.

Amy the Ace – between hunting down lost books and walking around the Ford Library’s expanse multiple times per day, Amy gets her steps in without any problem.

Miss Lady Mer – she looks like such a nice lady, our Meredith, until she passes you on the trail, then she kicks pea gravel in your face and laughs.  Don’t mess with her, you’ll pull back a nub.

Bethany the Beast Tamer – Miss Lady Mer’s cohort, another of our dog walkers, she gets her miles in with her best buddy Willoughby, aka The Paul Newman of Canines.

Run Silent, Run Deep, Run Yvonne – did something just sweep past you?  That was Yvonne.  You never know when she’ll strike.

Gym Rat Jane – her natural habitat?  Wilson Gym.  She knows every inch of the place from the running track on the top floor to the lap pool in the basement.  She says it’s fun.  No one quite believes her.

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