Spring Break Reading Lists

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After the pressure of final exams, the week of Spring break is like a refreshing breeze. Some students head for the beach; others cocoon at home; and still others continue their job search.

The library staff is often asked to recommend books to read over this period – sometimes by students who have not had an opportunity for recreational reading since arriving at Fuqua.  This is a good time to listen to an audiobook or to read the latest career advice.

In February, Fuqua faculty recommended a number of book titles for student readers.  There are a variety of books on this list, including new business and economics titles, as well as biographies and novels.

Download the Fuqua Faculty reading recommendations here.

For readers interested in popular business titles nationally, the books on this list have been on the New York Times best sellers list for business in the past several months.

Download our annotated selections from the NYT Business Bestseller’s List here .

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