Fuqua Alumni: Update Your Lifetime Email Address!

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A properly configured Fuqua Lifetime Email Address (LEA) is crucial to your continued access to library resources for Fuqua Alumni.

If you haven’t yet updated your Fuqua LEA, it will continue to forward email to your Duke student email account, which will expire approximately 9 months after graduation. This means that any database account information we send to your Fuqua LEA will “bounce” and not be delivered. Without a valid forwarding address for your Fuqua LEA, you won’t be able to successfully register for access to Library databases for Fuqua Alumni.

To update your Fuqua LEA, visit the Fuqua Alumni web site, and click the light gray “My Profile” link on the left. After logging in, you can update or change the target email for Fuqua LEA. More information on the Fuqua LEA is available on the Fuqua IT Support web site.

Don’t miss out on access to online Library resources for Fuqua Alumni. Update your Fuqua LEA today!

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