IT Advisory: Internet Explorer 10 & Windows 8

msie 10 logoAccording to reports we’ve received from Library users, some of Ford Library’s business databases may not perform as expected, or may be unusable when accessed with Microsoft’s Internet Explorer browser (Version 10).

Most performance issues have been reported by researchers using IE 10 on Windows 8 tablets.  It is unlikely that many of our specialized business database providers (e.g. Thomson Reuters) will re-design their sites and web applications to function in the Windows 8 environment.

Library IT staff are currently testing Internet Explorer 10 in Windows 7, and will report any issues to the affected database providers.

We recommend that database users who prefer MS Internet Explorer for their research roll back to Version 9 in Windows 7 if they experience significant problems with a database site. If you discover that a particular product is not performing correctly in MSIE 10, please let us know!

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