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As the Fall Term 2 comes to a close, the Ford Library staff sends good luck wishes to all Fuqua students with final exams.  Have a happy holiday wherever your travels take you and we will see you again in 2014.

As you pass the time in airports, you may have time to read for pleasure.  Here are 5 new books, all available in the Ford Library.

custom-nation-coverCustom Nation : why customization is the future of business and how to profit from it
by Anthony Flynn and Emily Flynn Vencat

Thanks to efficiencies in manufacturing and marketing, it is now profitable to make many different products to appeal to many small niches. This practical guide explains how entrepreneurs use customization to make products stand out, to increase market share and to develop customer loyalty.

I am Malala : the girl who stood up for education and was shot by the Taliban
by Malala Yousafzaimalala

Schoolgirl living in a remote Pakistani village fights for her right to an education and is shot in the head by the Taliban.  She recovers and becomes a global symbol of peaceful protest, nominated for a Nobel Peace Prize in 2013.

apprentice-coverThe billionaire’s apprentice : the rise of the Indian-American elite and the fall of the Galleon hedge fund
by Anita Raghavan

After insider trading leads to the collapse of the Galleon Group, a multi-billion dollar South Asian hedge fund, the Indian managers are prosecuted by federal officials in a sensational case. Also available as a Kindle eBook.

Everything you need to know about the Duke Fuqua MMS
by Naresh Vissavissa-mms-cover

2012 MMS Alumnus describes the application process, student life and job seeking experiences while he was enrolled in the Fuqua MMS program.

egghead-coverEgghead : or, you can’t survive on ideas alone
by Bo Burnham.

Comedian and actor presents a book of poetry that is hilarious to some and offensive to many.

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