Entrepreneurship Education

The Program for Entrepreneurs (P4E) is a program at Duke University's Fuqua School of Business that helps students start new ventures, supported by experiential entrepreneurship education.

In the Program for Entrepreneurs (P4E), undergraduate, graduate and professional students form multidisciplinary teams to explore potential markets for an innovation, evaluate the viability of a business model and develop a go-to-market strategy and operations plan for a new commercial or social venture. This structured participatory learning environment is the capstone of Fuqua’s entrepreneurship educational offerings and is open to all university students. It leverages Fuqua’s academic research, courses and broad community of practitioners to work with entrepreneurs to define, plan, establish and finance new ventures.

Watch our video introducing the Program for Entrepreneurs.

Is P4E right for me?

If you currently have a business, plan to start a business during your time at Fuqua, or want to simulate the process of starting a business before returning to the workforce, P4E is right for you. While most academic programs have a clear progression and ending – a term paper, a final presentation, an exam – P4E more closely mirrors the journey of entrepreneurship. It is completely possible and acceptable that you evaluate an idea and decide not to start the business, or to delay it for a while.

P4E will train you in three core competencies essential in entrepreneurship: how to Discover problems worth solving, how to Develop ideas into an impactful business strategy, and how to Deliver innovations to the world via new businesses.

If this sounds good to you, read the P4E overview and join us!

How to join

  1. For most students, register for New Ventures 1: Opportunity Evaluation. We encourage, but do not require, 1st year MBAs to take NV1 in the Spring term because adding this course to Fall core courses may create an overload situation for you.
  2. If you have already formed a business and are actively working on that business, you may be better suited by registering for New Ventures 2: Strategy Development. Please consult with Jon Fjeld, Stephen Fusi or Howie Rhee if you are considering this path.
  3. You do not need to have a team prior to registering for NV1. You will identify potential teammates and begin to form teams during NV1.

Key annual events

  1. The P4E Kickoff Event occurs in mid-July and is an opportunity to learn more about the program, to hear from teams from prior years and to share your ideas with others.
  2. The Startup Matchmaker Event in late September is an opportunity to attract teammates for any of the entrepreneurship programs at Duke, including the Program for Entrepreneurs, the Duke Startup Challenge, Melissa & Doug Entrepreneurs and others.

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