Entrepreneurship Education

The Program for Entrepreneurs (P4E) is a program at Duke University that helps students start new ventures and learn about entrepreneurship.

In the Program for Entrepreneurs (P4E), undergraduate, graduate and professional students form multidisciplinary teams to explore potential markets for an innovation, evaluate the viability of a business model, develop strategies for bringing it to market and launching a new commercial or social venture – all in a structured participatory learning environment. This initiative is the capstone of Fuqua’s entrepreneurship educational offerings and is open to all university students. It leverages Fuqua’s academic research, courses and broad community of practitioners to work with entrepreneurs to define, plan, establish and finance new ventures.

Watch our video introducing the Program for Entrepreneurs

Three ways for faculty and students to get involved

  1. I want to lead a project – This is a good option if you want to participate in the program as one of the lead students.  
    1. Join our Startup Matchmaker Directory.  Here you can submit your personal profile and summarize your business idea.
    2. Pitch your idea at the Kickoff Event; or if you have  “Problem Area” you want to analyze, pitch that.
    3. Get admitted into the Program for Entrepreneurs for the first course, New Ventures 1: Opportunity Evaluation
  2. I want to join a team – this is a good option if you want an entrepreneurial experience, but are most likely going to get a job elsewhere
    1. Join our Startup Matchmaker Directory.  Here you can submit your personal profile; leave the business idea section blank.
    2. Attend the Kickoff Event
    3. Try to join a team that is getting into the Program (this is at the discretion of project lead(s))
    4. Receive course credit
  3. I have an idea for a startup
    1. If you have an idea, fill out the Startup Matchmaker Directory.  This will be viewed by all students
    2. In July, we’ll connect interested students to you
    3. Being a project in the Program is at the discretion of the project lead selecting you, and the Advisory Group admitting that project

What to expect

The Kickoff Event in mid-July will be an opportunity to learn more about the program, hear about what other teams are up to and to share your ideas with others. The Startup Matchmaker Event in late September will enable teams to finalize their membership, including an industry mentor.  In September the Advisory Group will select the venture teams to be admitted into the first course in the P4E series. Successfully admitted teams will work on evaluating the idea, developing and strategy and launching the venture over the following 18 months.


Keeping in touch


Introducing the Program for Entrepreneurs (pdf)

University entrepreneurship programs 


Summer Stipends: For a few Duke MBA entrepreneurs, Fuqua provides a summer stipend to give students the opportunity to test their startup. Usually this is for a select few startups that have been through Fuqua’s programs and are selected for both their potential merit, and the commitment of the student founders to the startup. In order to help these startups be financially viable, Fuqua provides a limited number of matching stipends of up to $7,500.  All monies are taxable per federal guidelines. Questions should be sent to Jon Fjeld and Howie Rhee.