Workshop in entrepreneurship and innovation

Entrepreneurship & Innovation

Workshop 1

Weekend Executive MBA: July 14 & 15, 2018, Durham

Cross Continent MBA & Global Executive MBA: June 29, 2018, Berlin

This is a one-day workshop for CCMBA and Global and Weekend Executive MBA students. It is the first of two workshops intended as the first step in a concentration in innovation and entrepreneurship. This first workshop will cover evaluating an entrepreneurial opportunity. The primary focus will be on entrepreneurial ventures, but the workshop will also address innovation within an existing company.

The objective of the workshop is to give the student a framework and some tools for evaluating an entrepreneurial venture and for constructing a plan to pursue the opportunity.

The workshop is the first step in the Concentration in Entrepreneurship and Innovation. Students considering that concentration are strongly encouraged to attend. However the workshop is open to all CCMBA, GEMBA, and WEMBA students interested in entrepreneurship and innovation.


Workshop Overview:

1.     Case discussion:

  •  Howard Schultz and the Starbucks Coffee Company

2.     Framework for analysis / business plan

3.     Opportunity evaluation, considerations and process

4.     Case studies from the Program for Entrepreneurs

5.     Presentation and discussion of student ideas

6.     Concentration process

7.     Summary and next steps

Workshop 2

Cross Continent MBA, Global & Weekend Executive: September 21, 2018, Durham

This is a half-day workshop for Global and Weekend Executive MBA students. It is the second workshop in preparation for a concentration in innovation and entrepreneurship. This second workshop will focus on strategy for a new venture.

 Workshop Overview:

1.     Quick review

2.     Framework 

3.     Discussion: target customers, business model, sustainable competitive advantage, milestone planning

4.     Project presentations (if any volunteers)

5.     Wrap-up


Documents: emba-ie-workshop-1-2018emba-i&e-workshop-2-2018