Frequently Asked Questions

There are multiple sets of questions. Please choose the set that applies to you.

  • FAQ for prospective Fuqua students
    • This FAQ is for prospective students that are considering joining the Program for Entrepreneurs (P4E)
    • If you want to more about the Program for Entrepreneurs, there are about 100 questions answered on the FAQ page above
      • In 2009, we had over 50 admitted MBA students (out of 400) apply to join the Program for Entrepreneurs.
    • This FAQ is for people who’d like to contribute their startup ideas / technologies for consideration by the students in the Program for Entrepreneurs (P4E)
    • If you have an idea for a startup and are open to having some Duke students help you found the company, you can submit your idea for the Program for Entrepreneurs
      • In 2009, we had over 70 technologies submitted.

And FAQs for each stage of the P4E Admissions Process

    • This FAQ is for those of you who have been accepted into the Program for Entrepreneurs.