Program for Entrepreneurs

For students in P4E

1) What to do?

  • Add your team to the directory of Active Projects
  • Check and distribute the semester schedule to your teammates
  • You’ll want to come to anything that is NVC 1
  • Undergraduates – if you have any, it’s important they have a good experience.  Make sure you let us know any issues that come up at any time.
  • Kickoff Meeting for you all is is October 14th  – you don’t need to present your idea again
  • October 14, 4:00 – 6:15: NVC 1 Kick-off meeting

2) Can I add team members to the P4E mailing list?

As we add and drop people, inevitably we (Jon or I) will forget to add a couple to the mailing list.  To simplify, I’m giving you instructions on how to do it yourself.

To subscribe other folks to the mailing list, tell your team members to send an email to with the subject “subscribe p4e2011”

To unsubscribe type “unsubscribe p4e2011 youremailaddress”

3) How do I register for NV1 as a Fuqua student?

Make sure your name is on our Projects Summary list and we send that over to Allyson Jones a few weeks before the start of the term.

4) How do I register for NV1 as a non-Fuqua graduate student?

a) From Allyson Jones, Fuqua Registrar

As for the non-Fuquas, please have them return to the form to us by Friday (October 23rd) if possible.  The form can be found on our website.  See info below.

Please visit our website for information regarding non-Fuqua student registration in a Fuqua course<>.  The Duke Grad/Prof Student Course Registration form can be found on our website and will need to be submitted to our office.

The Fuqua Registrars’ Office is located in the basement level of East Keller wing, under the Fox Student Center.  Take the stairs down to the basement and we are located in the Student Services Suite to the left.

Please note our registration dates<> may differ from your department of school of study.

b) Getting a Master of Engineering Management (Pratt) student registered?

From Brad Fox, Exec Director of the Master of Engineering Management program

This course looks like a great experience and we would count this class as a required elective toward our graduation requirements. 

Regarding registration, our students typically enroll using a Google Docs form.  We collate the data and send it to the Fuqua registrar.  Fuqua begins to consider our students after Fuqua’s drop/add has passed. This is an existing process and is the best way to handle MEMP student registration for this course. The official deadline for Fuqua course registration has passed for our students, but we will still consider submissions for students seeking to take STRATEGY 491.101 New Ventures Creation 3.

One of our requirements for Fuqua registration is Faculty approval.  Will you be selecting students to participate in this course or will any student interested be able to take it (up to the class size limit of course)?

If you will be selecting the students, please let us know who you have selected and we will only forward those students to the Fuqua registrar for enrollment.

c) Getting a Nicholas School MEM student registered?

From Cynthia Peters

“If this course is a graduate level course, is valued at 3 credit hours (a full course) and, if graded the student has to take it for a grade, then the student may count the credits towards his/her degree as a general elective course. However, the best thing for the student to do is to meet either with me or with his/her course work advisor to see how the course might fit into their overall academic program. If the student is hoping to use the course to fulfill a program requirement for his/her program area then the student must discuss the matter with his/her course work advisor to determine if the course is appropriate for a program requirement.

Registration for the course would involve filling out the non-Fuqua student enrollment request form, attaching to it an email with permission from the instructor and bringing the form to me for my signature. Then the form and permission email would need to be delivered to the Fuqua registrar to complete the process.”

5) How do I register an undergraduate student?

We have course credit for NV 1 and 2 from Lisa Keister and for NV 3 from Lisa Keister and Emma Rasiel.

For Emma for NV 3, contact her directly and cc us. She will set you up with an Independent Study titled: Econ 194.04: “Special Topics – New Ventures: Operating Plan”

6) On the Projects Summary Spreadsheet, what’s the difference between P4E and Fuqua?

P4E means committed to the venture if it works out. Fuqua means taking the course but not at this time committed to the venture. Of course, a student’s status could change.

7) How are we graded in NV1?

Grading is based on the depth and quality of your analysis, which will correlate to the number of potential customers you speak to.

You should focus on conducting Primary Market Research and answering the questions in the Opportunity Evaluation section of

8) What can we expect at the Checkpoint in Nov?

You’ll be asked to give us an update on where you are in relation to answering the questions for Opportunity Evaluation, and your gameplan for answering the rest.

Looking ahead, here is the schedule for the P4E Checkpoint for NV1.  We will have a couple of our advisory group there as well.

Wed, Nov 11, 4-6:15pm – P4E Checkpoint in Dansby.

10 minutes total: 5 minutes update, 5 minutes Q&A

9) What are our deliverables at the end of NV1?

Two things

10) Info from the Fall Kickoff on October 14th

Spreadsheet with projects (check your details are correct)–3VpdGNOMXJWckZGcXpJbnlpeVQxRWNueUE&hl=en

Template for Final Deliverable

You will also do a presentation on Dec 9th (time allotted to be decided).  Be prepared to stand up and defend your analysis either for going forward, or for stopping.

Syllabus for NV1

Schedule for P4E (you are NV1)

Opportunity Evaluation questions Jon went over

Howie will introduce you to your business advisors.  Meet them (and meet your faculty advisor) as soon as possible. (and ping Howie if it hasn’t happened in the next week)

The Entrepreneurial Workspace – code (ask Howie or one of the team leads) and calendar – located in basement below the TSC.  Has a Polycom phone for conference calls