Program for Entrepreneurs

For submitting startup ideas

1) Do I need to be in North Carolina some time from the time when students will be evaluating ideas (May-July)? 

No. The students will be able to do a conference call for you

2) I will not be available to do a conference call.  I may be able to do some emailing.  Should I still apply?

Yes.  I think that it’s up to the students to get comfortable enough with your startup idea or technology that they want to work with it. So, it’s ok for you to apply, and conceivable that a student will get comfortable enough that they choose to work with your idea.  That being said, it may make it a little more difficult for the student.

3) I’m a Duke student and I have an idea – can I get course credit?

Yes, there’s more information about the program from a student’s perspective, and you can get course credit through Fuqua (or any of the graduate schools via interdepartmental credi) or through the Econ Department or the MMS Certificate. There is a student FAQ here.

4)  Did have one quick question, though: will students be signing over the rights to any of the work they do and ideas they come up with?  And is there a formal stance on NDAs for later in the process?  I just want to make sure we’re protected.

1) NDA – when a student starts to fully engage with you, then it will be appropriate for them to sign an NDA.

2) Any work that is done, if it includes confidential information / trade secrets / protected info, will be governed by the NDA and will not be generally available.  Other info, like more general work done such as general research, that doesn’t include protected info, will not be protected.

5) I see the students have selected me for a potential project. I’m rather busy right now, can the students help organize?

Yes, if you reach out to one of the students that selected you as a potential project, you can ask them to take the lead.  We’ve also asked the students to be proactive, so they may take the lead on setting things up on their own.

Any questions? Send Howie Rhee an email at