Program for Entrepreneurs

2011 Project feedback

1 Liz Charles, AidNet Database of international and national opportunities to work with NGOs. The site will allow consumer to screen NGOs in a cafeteria style of pick an choose from various categories (location, type of organization, paid/volunteer, length, children allowed, etc.)
2 Eldar Gizzatov, TrustyEarnings TrustyEarnings aims to provide investors a new category of web-based financial analytical services to the market – deception detection analysis based on verbal, vocal and non-verbal cues.

Assessing whether corporate financial statements are intentionally manipulated is of considerable interest to investors, analysts and governmental regulators. Leading investment management institutions have for years used advanced detection techniques devised by the intelligence community and sophisticated voice analyzing software to tell if executives are lying on their earnings calls.

TrustyEarnings takes a different approach to this data, aiming to make the results of analysis publicly and timely available to a wider audience of investors, analysts, IR executives and regulators.

3 Joey McMahon, Miracle Mondays Miracle Mondays is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization that improves the environments inside children’s hospitals. We do this by asking people to donate $1, every Monday. The result is happy, healthier hospitals and a donor base that may even start to love Mondays. We just completed our first pilot year in one hospital (Duke Children’s Hospital) but need help expanding. What if we could be in every children’s hospital in the entire world?
4 Nicolas Hoschoian, The Kokedama Company The Kokedama Company is a prospective company that will focalize in the production, sale and distribution of ornamental plants through a Japanese technique call Kokedama (“Koke” = moss, “Dama” = ball). The project includes the creation of a detailed website with high quality pictures and a shopping cart.
5 Ameya Kulkarni, The search engines today provide a list of links on the search page for the term that you searched for. When someone reads through an article from this list of search results, he understands more about the topic that he initially searched on and then he searches for another term that he read in that article. For example, if someone is reading about body building, he would understand that nutrition plays a big part and then he is off to search on nutrition and what supplements can help him stay on track. He also learns that there are different types of exercises – isolated vs complex and he starts a search on those topics. Similar logic can be applied to the term “buying a house” or “planning a wedding”. Examples of sub-topics related to buying a house are buying vs renting, banks for mortgage, mortgage types, house inspection, renovation tips etc while examples of sub-topics related to “planning a wedding” are destination wedding, hiring a wedding planner, flowers, caterers, deciding a venue, etc.

My search engine will parse through the web articles and create a list of related topics with high relevance to the original topic that was searched on and then run a secondary search on these sub-topics and present them in a magazine-like format. These sub-topic results will be shown to the user who will now not miss on any information just because the original article that he was reading did not mention it.

6 Sam Baek, Advisync Advisync offers students a radically different way of finding and choosing their academic courses – courses that are relevant to both their career and personal pursuits. Through our product, they can navigate the curriculum in innovative ways such as viewing classes based on course content rather than department, or finding students who have taken similar courses and connecting with them. Eventually, through a student’s personal interests and academic history, we want to connect the student to internships and other non-curricular activities that actually draw upon and augment their classroom experiences.
7 Jose Lopez, My Blue Book Bag My Blue Book Bag is a website that allows elementary school teachers to upload their annual supplies lists and create customized packages for their students’ parents to pre-order prior to the students’ first day of school.  Parents save time and energy by avoiding the school supply rush during the summer while ensuring that their children have all the materials required to complete their assignments at school.
8  lin wang, Intelligence Aggregation Engine for Algorithm Trading Modeling and forecasting huge financial data are challenge but will be handsomely rewarded for the excellence.

If we look at hiring ADs: linear and non-linear regression analysis, neural networks or support vector machines. However, computer based-on machine Learning covers a very wide array of techniques.

We are inspired by  ‘Netfix $1M Grand Prize’, which integrates over 100 algorithms. Therefore, Intelligence Aggregation of ML is the key part of solutions for trading patterns.

9 Koichi Ishida, Lingo Buddies Chat Application of Facebook For Language Learners
10 Bridget Bailey, Take Back The Trail Take Back The Trail
take back your heart, health, and communityEqual parts social initiative and fitness apparel brand, the sale of all Take Back The Trail fitness apparel will support local initiatives to empower minority women in low-income neighborhoods to take back their hearts, health, and communities. Through purchasing the Take Back The Trail brand, consumers who live a life dedicated to health and fitness will be connected with women who aspire to do the same but who are yet to have the resources to do so.

11 Yuan Zhuang, Country for Old Aging population will be the biggest problem in China in the next 10 years. Moreover, in the process of urbanization, many young people move to large cities, leaving their parents home. The young are too busy to take care of their parents. And in Chinese culture, it’s regarded as ungrateful to send parents to resthome.

My idea is to establish chained care centers to take care of the old people in small cities. The care center will provide routine health care services, as well as high quality hospital medical services by leveraging the hospital relations. The care center will unburden the young people of the heavy obligations, at the same time cover the needs of old people.