Program for Entrepreneurs

Next steps – August and November

If you have a startup idea:

  • Find a teammate
    • Minimum 3 students (including you) must be enrolled in P4E New Ventures 1 (Fall Term 2)
    • Commitment: One of you has to seriously think this is what they will do post-graduation, assuming things line up (including funding)
  • Pitch at the Startup Matchmaker Event
  • Have your idea be found by other Duke students, fill out the Startup Matchmaker Directory form
  • Let us know you are planning to enroll in P4E New Ventures 1 by October 5th. Email Howie Rhee at and Jon Fjeld at
If you want to join a team:
Ultimately, if you want to get in and you have a team, let us know by before Fall Break.
—2014 Additional Information below—
The revised deadline for the last step of getting your team into P4E (New Ventures 1) is:
by October 12th 2014 at 11:59pm ET
  • Minimum team of 3 students for Course Credit
    • If you are having trouble, now is the time to send an email to your section, or to this listserv (  Be specific about what your startup is and what you are looking for.
    • Exceptions of 2 students will be considered
  • Must have met with, and recruited, one of our advisors. (let us know if you are having trouble with this.)
  • Need to inform myself and Jon Fjeld (,
Action Item: Please list your final team here, by the deadline!
The schedule is here (look for NV1 items).
Location for Fall 2: Wednesday, 12:30 – 2:24 in Davis Meeting Room (in Breeden Hall).
For course credit/registrar, we’ll handle Fuqua student registrations AFTER Fall 2 add/drop.  This is how the Fuqua registrar prefers we do it.
For all other Duke students, look at this info. You may need to speak to your program’s registrar and fill out a form.
Finally, I know some of you have conflicts with the timeslot.  We have worked with students on this in the past – let us know if you have a conflict – which course, which professor, and which section (1 to 6) you are in.  We’ll work with you on the best way to navigate this, but you need to let us know in advance if possible.
Let us know if you have any questions!