Program for Entrepreneurs

2011 Project feedback

1 Kaiting Chen, motaavi We are an exchange for noninstitutional investors to invest and trade in private equity in emerging markets.
2 Navid Samadani-McQuirk, MyMBAApp MyMBAApp is an online platform intended to solve the many inherent inefficiencies in the current MBA application process.  Via an easy-to-use online interface which would be accompanied by mobile apps, the MBA applicant would be able to manage the entire process, from writing essays, to finding schools and clubs or managing deadlines and recommendation letter requests.  Rather than replace existing systems in place, it would augment them from an end-user’s perspective, and feed information to them once applications are complete.
3 Brian  Hare, Genius Dogs Our website,, will provide cutting edge dog intelligence tests based on recent revolution in our understanding of dog cognition or “dognition”. Our customers will play fun, easy, problem solving games with their dogs to both assess what type of intelligence their dog has and to compare their dog’s skills to the skills of other dogs in our online database (e.g. How your dog compares to other dogs of different breeds, sex, training history or age, including service dogs and military dogs). A better understanding will lead to a better relationship between people and their dogs.
4 Will Johnson, is an online marketplace for socially driven people.  We provide customers a way to use the power of their purchases towards the causes they care about most. Search by cause or by item and discover how mainstream products and products from 3rd world entrepreneurs are creating social and environmental impact. Explore and buy at to ensure that when you shop you’re helping to make the world a better place.
5 Seth Urban, LifeLine The US population is getting older.  At-home caregivers provide the majority of healthcare delivery in the US.  Serious illness requires families to record an extensive amount of medical data (medication schedule, food intake, temperature, etc.) that doctors, ER, and hospice need to deliver effective and informed medical care.  Families aren’t ready for this huge undertaking.  Family caregivers are lacking a tool that can help them organize that information and communicate this data with medical professionals in an efficient and effective manner.  LifeLine serves as the solution to this problem.  It is a simple medical database (think Mac interface) accessed through web, smart phone, and iPad that caregivers can use to track medical information of their loved ones.  LifeLine organizes and synthesizes that data in multiple ways (data dump, graphs, regressions, etc.).  Data can be shared quickly through web or PDF reports.  The database can be changed to capture new data as a patient’s illness progresses and doctors wish to capture different data.  Retail (caregivers) and institutions (hospitals, doctors offices – white label the product?) are potential markets.
6 Tony Toussaint, Vegas-like social game Vegas its about fun, starting with gambling but not ending there. This game plans to take players to a virtual Vegas-like city, all of its fun and luxury. Perfect platform for directed interactive advertisement.
7 Jack Beuttell, Polymags Polymags offers magazine readers ultimate flexibility and cost-savings.  Users pay one low, annual subscription fee and can make monthly magazine selections via their web or mobile account.   A vast array of options is available to cater to the broad and evolving interests of readers; for example, one month a subscriber might receive Architectural Digest and the next month Women’s Fitness.  Readers are able save lots of money avoiding multiple subscriptions, and they no longer have to feel guilty for letting all of those untouched magazines stack up.
8 HARSHA RAVI, Creative labs @Cephalopods At  Creative labs @Cephalopods we build applications on the facebook platform which engage users in quality social engagement. The two main verticals that CL@C would operate is application development and brand marketing on the facebook platform. This would also include application development on other mobile platforms to compliment the social engagement on facebook.
While many marketing agencies have ventured into the segment, CL@C would be a differentiator wrt to two key areas- Providing creative applications which involve both online and offline experience relating to the brand and thus increase and sustain the brand value of a company.
Secondly, the use of socially engaging tools to create creative applications specific to a company value, vision and belief for its own employees so as to  create more loyalty to the brand they work.
9 Katie Jorgensen, Rent the Room “Rent the Room” is a high quality rental service for home staging accessories (art, lamps, linens etc.). It builds on the momentum of the rent-by-mail success of Netflix and Rent the Runway to provide do-it-yourself homeowners and real estate agents with an alternative to expensive home staging services. Rent the Room allows budget saavy customers access to the simple, modern styles that appeal to home buyers without having to invest in accessories they don’t want. When the home sells, they simply send their items back to us…and we send them on to another customer.
10 Bee-Lian Quah, e-Fitting Room Many people today are wary of purchasing clothes online.  This is due to factors such as the fear of ending up with clothes that don’t fit or having to deal with the hassle of returning an item.  The concept of an e-Fitting Room aims to reduce or eliminate this issue, enabling online clothing shoppers to virtually see how clothes will fit and look on them through a video game console (e.g. Kinect for Xbox) or webcam.  By leveraging 360 degree, motion-sensing technology, this solution provides benefits for shoppers and retailers.  Online shoppers will have greater confidence in buying clothes through the web with this ability to “try before you buy,” and retailers will most likely enjoy increased sales through their online channel and reduced costs in returns or exchanges.
11 Weicheng Luo, PEGnacea Well-defined and monodispersed (all polymer molecules having the same molecular weight) polyethylene glycol (PEG) can be covalently decorated on a variety of drugs to enhance their potency by providing a protective coating and a longer circulation time in human body. Hence it is widely used by research institutes and pharmaceutical companies. But the market lacks a specialized and reliable PEG provider that offers high quality, inexpensive PEG and consultancy of PEG chemistry. We will fill this gap by providing superior, one-stop PEG product and research services to our clients.
12 Tanuj Khurana, Letzzgo! Letzzgo! is an innovative firm that caters to the needs of leisure travellers, focusing specifically on those who want to experience the thrill of exploring what an typical leisure traveller misses. The firm uses a website as a backbone to connect these travellers and to rank preferred destinations based on interests. The travellers can upload profiles, submit blogs/reviews on the destinations visited and indicate preferences for networking and travel hosting. Based on this and other information, the website provides customized suggestions to the travel enthusiasts across the globe.
13 Ryan Coates, iTA A synchronization of software that helps teachers maintain their syllabi and student stay up-to-date with their assignments.
14 Adarsh Seetharam, FlexRegistry FlexRegistry is a location based, registry on-the-go for maintaining and sharing wish lists and recommendations among friends. The offering will have 2 components – an App and a backing website. The key differentiators with other online registries are:
– Ability to scan (RFID) and add items on-the-go
– Add items online / from store gift registries
– Location / time based reminders, e.g., a reminder that a friend would like “red wine” for the weekend party when you are near a grocery store
– Price comparison of gifts – e.g., price of gift item in nearby stores vs. online
– Capability to “add to cart” (reserve) gifts in the App and checkout using nearby retailer stores
– Recommendations – Location based notifications on Friends’ purchases in nearby stores
– Follow / Unfollow friends, events, etc. (auto-syncing of friends’ registries)
– “Check in” to events with items that you will bring along from the wish list of the host
15 Arvind Ganesan, Clinical Vest Clinical Vest for pharma trials and fetal monitoring
16 Wenhao Liu, Deep Dimension Discover The product is a three dimensional display. It’s something like a transparent crystal ball. When we put signal and power in it, it will generate a holographic real time 3D image, which is 360 degrees available, satisfying audience from any perspective. This product can be manufactured based on the existing technology own by ourselves. It is mainly used in advertising, medical diagnose simulation, construction display, etc.