Fall 2018 Schedule: New Ventures 1 and 3

NV 3 classes are 3:00 – 5:15 in the Davis Seminar Room (in Breeden Hall), Fall 1 and 2

NV 1 classes 12:30 – 2:45 in the Davis Seminar Room (in Breeden Hall), Fall 2

In addition to class meetings, team must find time to meet with their academic advisor and business mentors on a regular basis


1. Week of Sept. 10
Monday, Sept. 10 NV3: Organizing meeting
2. Week of Sept. 17
Monday, Sept. 17 NV3: Workshop: Forecasting revenue, speaker Tushar Kirtane, Pocket
3. Week of Sept. 24
Monday, Sept. 24 NV3: Checkpoint meeting: Total addressable market & preliminary revenue plan
4. Week of Oct. 1
Monday, Oct. 1 NV3: Workshop: Marketing and sales planning, speaker TBD
5. Week of Oct. 8
Monday, Oct. 8 NV3: Checkpoint meeting: Marketing plan, prep for Advisory Board presentations
Friday, Oct. 12 NV3: Presentations to CEI Advisory Board
6. Week of Oct. 15
Monday, Oct. 15 NV3: Workshop: Operations, R&D, “boundaries of the firm,” speaker TBD
7. Week of Oct. 22
8. Week of Oct. 29
Monday, Oct. 29 NV3: Checkpoint: Sustainable competitive advantage, partnerships
Wednesday, Oct. 31 NV1: Organizing meeting
9. Week of Nov. 5
Monday, Nov. 5 NV3: Workshop: Plan & budget, speaker Ben Feldman, Bootstrap Advisors
Wednesday, Nov. 7 NV1: Workshop: Market research, customer discovery, speaker TBD
10. Week of Nov. 12
Monday, Nov. 12 NV3: Workshop: Financing, investor pitch, speaker Lauren Whitehurst, Sidekick Consulting
Wednesday, Nov. 14 NV1: Checkpoint: customer discovery
11. Week of Nov. 19
Monday, Nov. 19 NV3: Checkpoint: Company plan & pro forma financials
Wednesday, Nov. 21 NV1: Checkpoint: more depth on customer discovery
Thursday, Nov. 22 THANKSGIVING
12. Week of Nov. 26
Monday, Nov. 26 NV3: Checkpoint: Investor pitch, the “ask”
Wednesday, Nov. 28 NV1: Workshop: solution, Davis Room: Katie Finnegan, Founder, Store No 8 at Walmart; CEO, Spatialand (acquired by Walmart) & Esbenshade Room: Bill Walker (founder of HemoSonics, PocketSonics) for Healthcare teams
13. Week of Dec. 3
Monday, Dec. 3 NV3: Presentation rehearsal
Wednesday, Dec. 5 NV1: Workshop: competitive position, Davis Room: Vadim Polikov, Founder of Legends of Learning; Esbenshade Room: Nikin Shah, Co-CEO of Polyzen
13. Week of Dec. 10
Monday, Dec. 10 3pm-5:15pm NV3: Final presentations
Wednesday, Dec. 12 4-7pm NV1: Final presentations
Friday, Dec. 14 NV1: Final reports due at 11:59pm ET – use the template attached to the syllabus page
NV3: Final reports due at 11:59pm ET – use the template attached to the syllabus page