The best technology, the most attractive market opportunity – these things by themselves cannot guarantee the success of a new venture. You need the right people to capitalize on an opportunity. These questions will help you evaluate at least the founding team, and also give you some broad outlines for a plan to get the help you need to be successful.

  1. Skills: What skills are required to launch your venture successfully and capitalize on the opportunity you identify? Your description should focus on the skill sets that are more unique to your venture, but keep in mind more generic business skills as well.
  2. Experiences: Are there particular experiences that are required in your team? If so, why and how will they apply?
  3. Relationships: Are there relationships with particular customers, suppliers, partners or other industry players that would be particularly important to the success of your venture?
  4. Timing: Create a rough timeline for assembling the team outlined by your responses to the questions above.
  5. Sources: Where would you look to assemble the team that you have outlined?