Application forms exist for different types of organizations. Links for each of the current forms are provided on the right side of this page and the Approach webpage. The primary information requested in the different application forms is the same and includes:

  • Business name, description and contact information
  • Summary data on organizational size (# of employees and revenues)
  • Identification of organizational goals – short term and long term
  • Description of specific problems for which you are seeking FCCP assistance
  • Anticipated managerial commitment in support of the FCCP project

If you are interested in participating as a client organization, please submit your application.  You may also reach Jane Smith by e-mail at  or by phone at (919) 660-1903 with questions about our application process.


The main difference among the application forms pertains to the administrative fee associated with the FCCP. Consistent with Fuqua’s mission to educate leaders for business and non-profit organizations, FCCP has a fee structure that offers entrepreneurs, small businesses and non-profit organizations the opportunity to engage master’s level students, supported by Fuqua’s faculty and research resources, which would otherwise not be affordable to these organizations.

To qualify as an entrepreneur, small business or non-profit, your organization must either have annual revenues of less than $5 million US, fewer than 50 employees, or be a qualified, tax-exempt organization.


Over the last few years, Fuqua’s practicum students have been increasingly engaged by organizations seeking assistance in international locations. As projects requiring student travel within the US or internationally do incur additional costs; FCCP faculty directors will work closely with your organization to understand and assist you in planning for those needs.


All engagements conducted under the FCCP are done in strict confidence. No confidential information is released to the student consultants until a team is assigned and each student has signed a Non-Disclosure Agreement. Faculty and student teaching assistants involved with the project also sign the Non-Disclosure Agreement. We recognize the sensitivity of your marketing and financial information, and we emphasize confidentiality.