A successful engagement requires the client and student team work in close partnership. To this end, FCCP strives to match the business needs of potential client organizations with the interests and qualifications of the students.

The first step is for a manager in your organization to complete an application, which asks for a brief profile of your organization and the problems for which you are seeking FCCP assistance. The deadline for this application is September 30 for each year. Once your application is submitted, the FCCP faculty directors will work to try to match your needs with our students’ interests and skills. If your application is accepted, a team of three to five MBA students will be assigned to your project.

Once selected, managers from your organization meet with the student team typically in late January to further discuss the problems to be addressed. Building on this discussion, the student team will develop a problem definition (work scope) memo which will be jointly signed-off by the client and the student team.

The student team will then work with your organization to specify and carry out the activities required to complete the agreed upon scope of the engagement. You should expect to meet with the student team five to eight times across the engagement.

An oral presentation and a written report detailing the team’s findings, conclusions, and recommendations will be prepared and delivered to the client organization by no later than the end of the students’ academic year in April and in some cases sooner (as agreed to with the client). Active participation of the relevant leaders in your organization in the final presentation is expected, as it will allow the students to assess your reactions and you will benefit more from the exchange of ideas.