Explore a selection of Fuqua Client Consulting Practicum project snapshots across degree programs and various industries to take a closer look at successful student engagements — and get an idea of the impact an FCCP team could have in your organization.

SAS Institute – MMS

“This was an excellent collaboration […] The energy industry needs to drive more engagements like this.”

Duke Athletics

“Students asked great questions and came back with insightful feedback.”


“The quality of the team members’ IQ, EQ, work ethic, and business acumen was very impressive.”

Duke Energy

“The FCCP team offered thoughtful solutions to a complex topic that caught the attention of senior leaders at our company.”

Storworks Power

“The student team was very proactive in their analysis, and they were highly engaged with us.”

Branch Metrics

“Students completed multiple deliverables that were immediately actionable for our teams.”

Thread Strategies

“The team produced a high-quality product that will help our business to grow.”

Cucciolo Osteria

“The FCCP team’s recommendation had a major impact on my business.”

Highland Ventures

“An incredibly professional approach to an interesting business problem.”

Fuqua students walking into office building

SAS Institute – EMBA

“The FCCP team’s industry expertise, work ethic, and business insight significantly contributed to this project.”