Book Review: 24/7, How Cell Phones and the Internet …

amazon book cover image imageHanson, Jarice. 24/7: How Cell Phones and the Internet Change the Way We Live, Work, and Play. Praeger, 2007.

Media guru Marshall McLuhan had a famous slogan in the 1960’s, “The medium is message”. He meant that communication media had a meaning separate from the content. At the time, he was talking about television and film. But the slogan still applies. Technology changes the culture and the way people relate to each other. Every generation has a particular communication technology that helps to define their worldview and their way of communicating.

Author Jarice Hanson claims that in their short histories, cell phones and the internet have sparked significant changes to traditional attitudes, values and behaviors. Perceptions of time and space are altering. Public and private activities are blurring.

While these technologies provide obvious benefits, such as the ability to telecommute and to stay closer in touch with family and friends, there are are also costs. Employees are expected to be available for work 24/7 and to accomplish more in less time. People are under more stress. Individuals are spending less time with others in interpersonal communication and more time online or leaving messages.

By understanding the nature of these changes, we can make better decisions and create our own future.

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