Ethics in the Movies: Part 1

This week’s movie spotlight is on titles that feature ethics-challenged characters and characters in ethically challenging situations. Enjoy and look for another movie ethics entry soon.

  • The Constant Gardener–Based on a John Le Carre novel, the movie follows Justin Quayle, a diplomat trying to track down his wife’s murderer. Using false identities, Quayle travels across continents trying to piece together the circumstances leading to her death. He learns his wife had uncovered a corporate scandal with very deep roots.
  • Michael Clayton–Michael Clayton’s mentor Arthur Edens, the top litigator in his law firm, turns from advocate to whistleblower in a $3-billion case with a large agricultural products conglomerate, U-North. Edens has discovered U-North engaged in a major cover-up. Once Clayton realizes the extent of the company’s malfeasance, both he and Eden’s lives are in danger.
  • Before the Devil Knows You’re Dead–A dark family drama starring Philip Seymour Hoffman as an overextended broker, and Ethan Hawke as his desperate younger brother. They rob their parents’ jewelry store, but their mother ends up shot. The whole affair is further complicated when their father goes on a hunt for the culprits. Acclaimed filmmaker Sidney Lumet directs this suspense thriller.

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