Jupiter Research Merged Into Forrester

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On Saturday, January 17, 2009, Jupiter Research will no longer be available as a separate web database site.

What Happened: On July 31st, 2008, Forrester Research acquired Jupiter Research. In the intervening months, Forrester has chosen to fully absorb Jupiter’s content into its own web site, and as a result, Jupiter will no longer maintain a separate web presence and brand.

In order to ensure that Fuqua and Duke University users continue their access to our currently subscribed Jupiter content, we have worked with both companies to create a single login point for both Jupiter and Forrester content.

What Will Change:

  • On 1/17/08, links for Jupiter Research will be re-directed to the Forrester Research site.
  • After clicking a Jupiter or Forrester link, users will be prompted by Duke University NetID Services to enter their NetID and password. Once entered, a user will be connected to the Forrester site where they will have access to both Jupiter and Forrester Research content.
  • Fuqua users of Forrester Research who have already been issued Forrester usernames & passwords may continue to use these to access Forrester and the Jupiter content on the Forrester site with those usernames and passwords until 4/29/09.
  • Because of the administrative and technical overhead required to maintain 2 methods of access to Forrester, no new Forrester usernames & passwords will be issued to Fuqua users after 1/18/09, and existing personal Forrester usernames & password accounts will be discontinued after 5/20/09.

What Won’t Change: Fuqua and Duke University users will continue to enjoy access to Jupiter Research content on Forrester, as well as more straightforward, NetID-based access to Forrester Research.

Please feel free to use the comments link below for feedback, or send any questions or concerns about this transition via email to: reference-librarians@fuqua.duke.edu.

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