Movies You May Have Missed

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I’m going to highlight a few movies from our DVD collection over the next couple of months that you may have missed when they first came out.  Some are older and some are just more obscure.  File this first title under horror with a smidge of science fiction.

Silk is a Taiwanese film originally released under the title Gui Si.  A group of researchers, led by paranormal scientist Hashimoto, have managed to capture the ghost of a little boy.  The scientists see the ghost talking to itself, but its speech is inaudible.  In a sublimely creepy scene, one of the researchers does manage to capture the spirit’s attention, and the ghost shifts from mysterious to menacing.

The group enlists the help of a special agent who has superior eyesight and lip reading skills to help uncover the circumstances behind the child’s death. Not a strictly plot driven narrative, the film provides the viewer with far more character motivation than the average horror flick.  Any fan of horror films or mysteries should check this one out.  It was an official selection at the Cannes Film Festival in 2006.


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