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Duke University Libraries is running a pilot of a new feature in Article Search. When you use Article Search from our home page, clicking the GetIt@Duke button in the results list should take you directly to the full text.

This pilot program is intended to test a new feature of our article linking software that will reduce the number of clicks you have to make to actually view the text of a desired article. Once Article Search has created a results list, clicking the GetIt@Duke button at the bottom of an article citation should take you to the actual article.

A sample search result is HERE.

Since this is a pilot project, this feature may not work perfectly. Please help us improve the new feature, and determine if it’s worth long-term deployment by contacting us when it doesn’t work the way you expect it to.

Thanks for sharing your feedback with us!


3 Responses to “Get Article Full Text Faster!”

  1. mauree maguire lewis Says:

    This pilot program is great, Carlton! It IS much faster. Thanks to all the library geniuses who make research so pleasant and easy.


  2. Carlton Says:

    Many thanks for the kind words, Maureen. I’m happy to report that this “pilot program” will remain in place during the coming semester as the default for article search results. Thanks for your feedback and for visiting our blog!

  3. Thomas Wicker Says:

    Carlton – I just stumbled across this blog post, but I’ve been loving this feature ever since I accidentally ran into it on Google Scholar. It has been *extremely* helpful, and it certainly dramatically reduces frustrations of searching for items. I’m glad it’s being continued for the semester – here’s hoping it stays around far longer than that!


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