Ford Library Survey Results

Dear Fuqua Students,

Thank you for taking the time to complete the Ford Library’s survey. We were delighted that 145 of you responded to our questionnaire!

There were a few themes that emerged in the comment section of the survey that we would like to address:

  • Noise complaints. A number of you pointed out that the library can get rather noisy. Remember that the library is the only space in Fuqua reserved for quiet study. Please be considerate of your neighbors and remember to switch your phone to vibrate when entering the library. Phone calls can be taken outside the library or into the back photocopy room. Group study space is available in the team rooms located around Fuqua.
  • Additional study space. A number of you requested additional seating, particularly near the windows. We are currently working with the Fuqua Administration to consider strategies for adding more study space to the library. Updates will be shared as they become available.
  • Library Hours. Some of you requested additional library hours. Unfortunately, the library’s budget does not have the flexibility for the additional staffing cost that being open 24/7 would require. However, we are keeping track of the number of students in the library at various points in the day and week and using that data to assess the need for additional hours. In particular, there seems to be a need for extended hours around exam time. Hence, we plan to adjust our hours accordingly.

We truly appreciate the helpful feedback that you provided in the library survey. Please feel free to use the Ford Library Suggestion Box should you have additional comments to share.

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