Hidden Gems: SRDS

What was once a series of advertising related directories became an online source a few years back.  Regrettably, the publishers of SRDS hasn’t figured out how to integrate all these directories into a more integrated search platform, leaving  the user to trawl through each publication rather than being able to search them all at once.  To me, this is unfortunate because deep within this hodgepodge of directories are details not found anywhere else.

Wondering how many cooking magazines there are, how much it would cost to advertise in them, or how many subscribers there were for each?  Then use SRDS Consumer Media Advertising  Source.  Or my favorite gem,  Local Market Audience Analyst includes demographic and lifestyle information on the city/county level, so if you’ve wondered what the average person in Greensboro thinks about buying locally this would be your source.

Hopefully the publisher will upgrade their search engine, but use patience, you’ll be glad you did.

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