Finding Deals is a Breeze with Zephyr

Tomorrow is the first day of March, and in honor of the In Like a Lion, Out Like a Lamb month, I decided to feature Zephyr, the Bureau van Dijk corporate deals resource.  Of the M&A databases the Ford Library subscribes to, Zephyr is the easiest to access, search, and download current and historical deals worldwide.  In addition, the user can create league tables on deal vendors such as the firms providing legal representation or acting as the financial advisors.

Located on the Ford Library database page, users can either perform a simple company search or can select the expert search link to locate deals according to geographic location, deal type, industry, or financials.  Then the user can select from the tabs located at the top of the page to list the deals, see them as a brief record or in full.

If you have questions about using Zephyr, let me know.  Happy searching!

2 Responses to “Finding Deals is a Breeze with Zephyr”

  1. Lisa Says:

    Zephyr is no longer available…..

  2. Carlton Says:

    Hi Lisa. This post you’re commenting on was written in 2011. You’re correct in noting that Zephyr is now no longer available. We were unable to renew Zephyr back in September of 2013 due to vendor price increases. If you would like pointers to other M&A data from our librarians, email us at

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