ISI Emerging Markets

Last month I posted on the language program Byki, this month I’d like to highlight ISI Emerging Markets, a database that covers the world’s most dynamic economies.  Several times a year, Fuqua students study about and travel to locations such as China, South Africa, and India.  On these trips, they tour major companies which allows them to witness how business is conducted, products are made, and strategies are planned.

One of the resources I point them to when they’re planning their visit is ISI Emerging Markets, a database covering more than 30 countries.  Pulling their content from current economic data, company and industry information, news both in English and non-English, and financial market reports, this source is a one stop shop for much of their research.  In addition, our international students find it a useful repository for current and past news from familiar sources which may be hard to locate when abroad.  While much of this information might be found on the open web, ISI’s ease of use and scope make this an essential database for anyone interested in global economics, news, or business.

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