Halloween Movies You May Have Missed

Silk, a Taiwanese film, focuses on a group of researchers who have captured the ghost of a little boy.  In a sublimely creepy scene, one of the researchers does manage to capture the spirit’s attention, and the ghost shifts from mysterious to menacing. This film provides the viewer with far more character motivation than the average horror flick.

File The Children under the “creepy kid” genre of horror movies. Actually these children go past creepy straight into homicidal. As a bonus this twisted, frightening British production is set during Christmas and well-acted to boot.

Not the Angelina Jolie movie but an older George C. Scott film from 1981, The Changeling contains the best seance scene in a movie ever. It’s a haunted house/ghost story done far better done than most. Director Peter Medak includes very few cheap “jump” scares, but there are numerous chilling scenes. Highly recommended.

Be sure to check out the other horror movies right next to our latest DVDs and feel free to ask me for other recommendations as horror is my favorite genre!


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