Christmas Movies You May Have Missed

A French film based on several true stories, Joyeux Noel takes place along the Western Front in World War I when the Scottish, French and German infantry units declare a truce on Christmas Eve. The movie was a Golden Globe, Academy Award and BAFTA nominee in 2006. War movies are unusual Christmas fare, but this film is hopeful without overindulging in sentimentality or brutality.

A Nightmare Before Christmas showcases Tim Burton’s peculiar brand of dark wackiness and is great fun. Jack Skellington, King of Halloween, grows bored with his own holiday and tries to take over Christmas with disastrous results. It’s a film worth watching if only to hear Ken Page, playing a gambling bogeyman, sing the Oogie Boogie song.

A rare R-rated comedy, Bad Santa features Billie Bob Thorton as Willie, a foul-mouthed drunken reprobate who makes a living robbing malls after scoping them out by getting hired as Santa. Not a movie for the easily offended, Bad Santa does have some truly hilarious dialogue. Watch it after the kids have gone to bed.

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