The Director’s Picks – Winter 2012

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Welcome to the Winter 2012 installment of Ford Library Director, Meg Trauner’s selections of five recent business books recommended to readers at the Fuqua School of Business.

Click the titles below for information on location and availability. Complete reviews, and audiobook versions are linked where they’re available.


By Michael Lewis
Uses dark humor to illustrate the effects of the ongoing economic crisis on Iceland, Ireland, Germany and Greece, as well as California. Also available as an audiobook.

Now You See It
By Cathy N. Davidson
Explains that people only see a part of what is happening around them, and shows how to overcome this deficit to gain a broader perspective on the world. Also available as an audiobook.

Psychopath Test
By Jon Ronson
Investigates everyday psychopaths and the harm they cause, advising how to recognize them in business and society. Also available as an audiobook. Read the full review.

Joint Ventures
By Trish Regan
Presents a behind-the-scenes view of the secret world of the U.S. marijuana industry, including growth and distribution, both legal and illegal,  outlining the key issues of this flourishing underground economy. Read the full review.

Thinking Fast and Slow
By Daniel Kahneman
Explores two types of decision making, intuitive and deliberate (fast and slow) that underlie our business and personal choices, counseling when to trust intuition and when not to. Also available as an audiobook.

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