Book Reviews: Pre-Term Recommendations

Happy New Year and Welcome Back, students! Hope your winter holiday was full of peace and joy.  And best wishes for much success in 2013.

Classes begin next week, but before you get back to the grind, perhaps you can squeeze in some light and easy reading over the Martin Luther King holiday.  Here are three easy choices from the Ford Library’s bookshelf, but there are many other new books on display in the library.

Tap dancing to work by Carol J. Loomis
Business journalist and personal friend of Warren Buffet updates her articles about the great investor, which were originally published in Fortune between 1966 and 2012, and which illustrate Buffett’s ideas about management, public policy and philanthropy.
Occupy nation: the roots, the spirit and the promise of occupy Wall Street by Todd Gitlin
For those interested in grassroots organizations or social movements, this book is a sympathetic report on the earnest, leaderless, nonviolent and ultimately chaotic movement  that was ridiculed daily on Fox News Channel shows like Bill O’Reilly.
Car guys vs bean counters: the battle for the soul of American business by Bob Lutz
Former vice chairman of General Motors blames MBA’s for the automobile industry’s demise, explaining that bean counters sacrificed quality and reputation for easy profit.  In this amusing and frank account of his years as an executive at GM, Ford, BMW and Chrysler, Lutz illuminates the arrogance and short termism in American industry and advocates that analysis-driven management be replaced by a focus on product excellence. Also available as an audiobook.

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