Book Reviews: Term 1 Wrap-Up

Fall term 1 ends next week! Congratulations, students.  You have almost made it through the pressure of the first fall term.  Soon you move beyond the lectures, textbooks, cases, readings, team meetings and exams.  Finally, you can relax.  Here are five new books that offer new ideas for anyone taking it easy.

all-inAll in by Adrian Gostick and Chester Elton

Employees who believe in the company’s vision, values and goals and those who respect their leaders achieve outstanding results.  Companies that want to create a culture of belief will generate a sense of urgency; create a customer focus; foster agility to manage change; build trust though transparent communication; value high potential employees; and establish clear accountability. Also available as an audiobook.

athena-doctrineThe Athena doctrine by John Gerzema and Michael D’Antonio

Wise, courageous, humane and cooperative are traits that produce success with broad benefits, including profits and lasting relationships with customers and communities. Women and men who lead their organizations with these skills and values in our super-connected world share their stories. Also available in online e-book, and Kindle format.

challenger-saleThe challenger sale by Matthew Dixon and Brent Adamson

The classic sales technique of relationship building is no longer working, particularly in complex B2B situations.  This book describes a new collaborative sales technique that brings creativity and insight to customers, challenging their thinking and offering solutions to problems. Also available as an audiobook.

idiot-iconsIcons and idiots by Bob Lutz

An icon of the auto industry reveals the complexities of 11 leaders, many from the automobile industry, whom he knows personally.  He chronicles their successes and charisma, while exposing their idiosyncrasies and weaknesses, ultimately concluding that just as much can be learned from stupid and corrupt leaders as from inspiring champions.

worthlessWorthless, impossible and stupid by Daniel Isenberg

Entrepreneurs worldwide have created and captured extraordinary value by seeing opportunity where it was unnoticed or disparaged by others.  Successful entrepreneurs share a contrarian mind-set that allows them to perceive potential where others do not or to create opportunity by solving problems under adversity.

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