Introducing Privco

One of the most difficult bits of data to locate is a private company’s financials.  Because these companies don’t issue publicly traded stock thus have no reason to file documents such as annual reports there’s a scarcity of financial information, at best  you may find a guesstimate on their revenues.  A relative new-comer to the financial data vendors, PrivCo offers extensive financial data on large privately held companies.  Now, Duke users have access to those reports, whether it’s Mars or Trader Joe’s.

In addition, Privco also tracks both US and international venture capital, private equity, and M&A deals, a much needed resource for those interested in private finance.

Privco can be located on our database page or by searching for it through the Duke Library catalog.


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  1. Andy S Says:

    Thus far I have found PrivCo to be terrific…an excellent find for researching large corporations to do an Industry Matrix or Competitive Analysis that have been frustrating when many of the industry’s primary participants are privately-held companies. I am pleasantly surprised at the coverage outside the U.S. making up a majority of the private companies on there as business becomes more Global.

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