Book Reviews: Spring Break Reading

I took a Ford Library Kindle to California last month to read the book Scarcity (reviewed here).  When I was finished, I looked through the mini-library of 49 other Business Best Sellers and opened up This is How, an autobiographical self-help book by Augusten Burroughs. Even for the most serious topics, the author’s humor and breezy style were perfect for the Kindle.  When I got to the advice in the last 50 pages, I thought, “Wow, this is why he wrote this book.”  The next day, someone I love dearly received a devastating prognosis and I needed that information.

You never know when you will use a random idea gathered from an unlikely source.  For Fuqua students, spring break is an opportunity to discover something new, to broaden your self-knowledge, or to spark an insight that will be useful later.  These Ford Library books can help.  They are available both in print and on Kindles.

on-edgeOn the Edge by Alison Levine
Fuqua alumna Alison Levine uses her experiences in extreme adventure sports to demonstrate concrete lessons on leadership.  Writing candidly about her success in climbing Mount Everest and in skiing to the South Pole, Levine outlines the guiding principles she learned as a leader and as a team member and shows how to apply them to today’s competitive business environment. Also available in Kindle and Audiobook format. UPDATE – Read a full review here.

unwindingThe Unwinding by George Packer
Social journalist George Packer uses the stories of ordinary Americans over three decades to explain how the world is undergoing profound social and economic changes that are creating new winners and losers.  He shows that American institutions are no longer working and that cities are in decay.  Ordinary working people are drifting in a sea of change that they cannot control. Also available in Kindle format.

present-shockPresent Shock by Douglas Rushkoff
Media theorist Rushkoff explains that new technologies and lifestyles keep us focused on what is happening right now, which changes the way we experience culture, manage business, conduct politics and make sense of the world.  While this thoughtful book is well researched and contains many insights about our relationship with time, the writing requires concentration from the reader. Also available in Kindle format.

degenerationThe Great Degeneration by Niall Ferguson
The four key elements of the Western world – representative democracy, the free market, the rule of law and civil society – created unprecedented prosperity and security in Europe and North America.  Now Western economies are stagnant and society is becoming increasingly divided.  Niall Ferguson analyzes changing laws and institutions to explain what is behind our economic malaise and geopolitical decline. Also available in Kindle format.

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