Book Reviews: Women Build Confidence, Leadership, and Will

Kay, Katty and Claire Shipman.  The confidence code : the science and art of self-assurance–what women should know. HarperBusiness, 2014.

Two national news journalists show that confidence is more important to success than competence.  Partly genetic, confidence is inborn and some people naturally have more of it than others.  But with effort, confidence can be learned and expanded, through habits such as doing more and thinking less. Also available as an online audiobook.

Mohr, Tara. Playing big : find your voice, your mission, your message. Gotham Books, 2014.

Leadership coach Tara Mohr offers her own leadership strategies for increasing confidence in women.  She recommends listening to one’s own inner mentor instead of her inner critic, interpreting feedback impersonally, and making experimental leaps into action. Also available as an audiobook on CD.

McGonigal, Kelly. The willpower instinct : how self-control works, why it matters, and what you can do to get more of it. Avery, 2012.

Psychologist Kelly McGonigal, teaches a ten-week course at Stanford on willpower.  Students enroll in her class to get more control over their thoughts and emotions so they can achieve their professional goals and improve their relationships.  McGonigal presents strategies and exercises for developing self-control, training the brain for willpower.

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