New Movies for May: Part 1

Here are the first of the new DVD titles for May:

50 to 1Babadook DVD cover
The Babadook
Big Eyes
Black or White
Black Sea
The Boy Next Door
The Immigrant
Kidnapping Mr. Heineken
Life Inside Out
Little Accidents
Living is Easy With Eyes Closed
Lost River

You may browse the entire DVD collection via the library catalog.


2 Responses to “New Movies for May: Part 1”

  1. Debu Purohit Says:

    Quick question. Will we start carrying BluRay disks instead of DVD?


  2. Carlton Says:

    Thanks for your question! To make the collection optimally available to users who may not own a Blu-Ray player, standard DVD is still our format of choice. However, when a both a standard and a Blu-Ray DVD are available in a package for a film, we’ll purchase the package with both formats. We do have quite a few titles on Blu-Ray. This link will let you browse the titles we currently have in Blu-Ray

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