Director’s Blog – August 2021

This month’s Director’s blog shares Tips for Tech Success in Ford Library. When new students come to Fuqua, mastering basic technology tasks such as connecting to Fuqua networks, printing in the Library, and others can be a little overwhelming! We hope these tips will help.

Tech success starts with synchronizing Your Duke Net ID password.

  • Use your laptop or our stacks computer and browse to, and login with your Duke Net ID (e.g. jdoe123) and password.
  • At the right of the Self Service home page, in the NET ID section, click on “+ Change your password”.
  • Enter your current password, and then create a new password that meets these guidelines in the appropriate boxes, and click “Submit”.

Why do I have to do this? – Your brand new Duke Net ID password allows you to login to computers on the Duke WIN network domain, but not computers on the FUQUA domain. Once you create and submit the new password, it will be “synced” across all Duke network domains in about 5 minutes, allowing you to login to any public computer at Fuqua.

Did you know you can print from a mobile device? Start the process by downloading the Pharos Print app from the iOS App Store, or Google Play. Detailed set-up steps are found in this guide.

If you need to print from your laptop, you’ll need to install the Fuqua ePrint software available on the Fuqua IT web site. We’ve used their instructions to create set-up guides for Windows laptops and Mac laptops.

We hope these tips help smooth your experience with tech in Ford Library and at Fuqua. But if you need more help, please reach out to Fuqua’s Tech Support Center either in-person, by phone, or via email.


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