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Tuesday, April 10th, 2012

With only a few weeks before graduation, many of our students have accepted positions and look forward to a new employer.  However,  for those  still looking for that elusive company that fits their needs, I recommend Onesource.

A jack-of-all-trades database, Onesource allows students to build a list of companies meeting their needs for where they want to work, which industry, how large or small, and/or whether the headquarters are in the US with subsidiaries in Tahiti.  From that list, they can download the list and include data such as location, size, and officers names’ and titles.

Though Onesource can’t tell you if there’s a job opening within a company, it can help you pinpoint your search to a select list.  Need more information?  Feel free to ask us now.

Watch your back…

Tuesday, February 14th, 2012

Who are we?  We’re the Fabulous Ford team.

What are we doing? Moving up in the standings for the Duke’s Get Moving Challenge.  Out of 200+ teams, we’ve consistently placed in the top 15 for number steps taken and in the top 10 for number of minutes exercised.

So let’s meet the team…

The Indomitable Meg – she’s tiny, she’s mighty, she fights cancer with one hand tied behind her back.  By 10am, she’s walked more steps than most people take all week.

Col. Carlton – a gentleman to his core, he’ll bid you “good day” as he powers past you with his two basenji mixes, Angel and Leah.  After a good walk, he retires to the gymnasium for a round of basketball or a session on the elliptical or weight machines.

Paula PoundTrails – she walks at least three miles a day, goes home to work out, then does Pilates, THEN rides her horse Stephen for an hour.  Don’t let her catch you slacking off.

10 Speed Dave – you know that guy you see every day riding his bike to work?  Or that guy you see riding with the area bike club on weekends?  That’s 10 Speed Dave.

The Loneliness of the Long Distance Linda – having completed a marathon last year, she’s gearing down by training for a mere half marathon.  Good thing she’s not so lonely since she has her dogs Ruby and Milo to run with her.

Amy the Ace – between hunting down lost books and walking around the Ford Library’s expanse multiple times per day, Amy gets her steps in without any problem.

Miss Lady Mer – she looks like such a nice lady, our Meredith, until she passes you on the trail, then she kicks pea gravel in your face and laughs.  Don’t mess with her, you’ll pull back a nub.

Bethany the Beast Tamer – Miss Lady Mer’s cohort, another of our dog walkers, she gets her miles in with her best buddy Willoughby, aka The Paul Newman of Canines.

Run Silent, Run Deep, Run Yvonne – did something just sweep past you?  That was Yvonne.  You never know when she’ll strike.

Gym Rat Jane – her natural habitat?  Wilson Gym.  She knows every inch of the place from the running track on the top floor to the lap pool in the basement.  She says it’s fun.  No one quite believes her.

GoingGlobal and Your Job Search

Monday, February 13th, 2012

At this time of the year, we’re usually elbows deep in working with students’ who are searching for a job.  This means we’re leading job hunters workshops, some aimed at either our international students who would like to remain in the US.  Finding companies with a history of filing H1B visa, which allows them to hire foreign employees, has not always been easy to find.  Oh yes, the data is out there.  The US Department of Labor collects it and makes it available as an Acess database.  But it’s a huge, hard to search, set.

Now, we have access to that data through GoingGlobal.  By clicking the link to H1B Info, Fuqua users can locate companies by city, state, and industry which can be sorted by job title, wage, and number of H1B petitions.  Being able to locate these companies helps our students narrow their search by focusing on companies who are willing to work with them in their pursuit to work in the US.

Need help searching GoingGlobal?  Feel freen to contact me and I’ll walk you through it.

BCC Research

Tuesday, December 13th, 2011

Through the years, Fuqua’s collaboration with other Duke University schools, including the engineering and medical schools, has increased which has corresponded with our need to provide more in-depth research on biotechnology, pharmaceutical, and energy markets.  To assist our students looking for these reports, we’ve turned to BCC Research.

A major strength for BCC  is their use of experts within the industry to analyze and write the reports.  Though it’s not a database I suggest for many of our student projects, it is one I see as an outstanding resource for the whole Duke community.

Need more information on BCC?  Feel free to email me.

Negotiating Your Salary?

Thursday, November 10th, 2011

I  love to hear a student ask about a city’s cost of living because it means they’ve begun salary negotiations.  This morning, at 10:43,  I noticed the beginning of that happiest of times – job offer season.  A student asked for a reliable source for local level cost of living data because he couldn’t trust what he’d found on the web.

Sometimes those words are like angels singing to my ears.  It means there are still a few things I have tucked away in the reference collection that can really help someone with a major decision.  In this case, it’s the ACCRA Cost of Living Index.  Not a stunning title, but this quarterly publication issued by the Council for Community and Economic Research, provides cost of living and comparative price data for 390 US urban areas.  In addition, it also offers an equation that allows users to compare the cost of living in one city to another.

So when that offer comes through, look for the latest AACRA Cost of Living Index.  Better yet, stop by the reference desk and I’ll show it to you.  Happy Job Offer Season!

Finding Contacts with the Leadership Library

Thursday, September 15th, 2011

Many years ago when I still worked on Wall Street, I used a set of directories called simply The Yellow Books.  There was one for the federal government that helped me locate people within departments that I could never find before and after the internet.  It was my one source to find direct contact information for people who made decisions.

Fast forward 20 years, the publishers, who also created corporate directories, turned their suite of products into the Leadership Library.  This powerful tool allows me to not only look up individuals within an organization, but also search across the entire database for a person’s college, job title, and expertise.  The Leadership Library then provides contact information that can include phone numbers and email.

If you’re interested in using the Leadership Library and need help, let me know, jnday at duke dot edu.


Five Days of Ford – The winner is …

Tuesday, August 16th, 2011

Five Days of Ford

Diana Sanchez is the winner of our 5 Days of Ford contest! Congratulations Diana, your survival kit awaits you!

Let me thank you all for participating in our survey contest; in particular I’d like to recognize Carlton Brown and Paula Robinson here at the Ford Library. They were responsible for designing, uploading, and monitoring the surveys; so applause for their great work.

I hope you enjoyed learning about the Ford Library. Please feel free to contact us if you have questions about our services; or stop by if you’d like a brief tour.

Jane Day
Associate Director/Manager of Public Services
Ford Library at the Fuqua School of Business
Duke University

Five Days of Ford – Library Web Site

Friday, August 12th, 2011

Five Days of Ford

Welcome to Day Five!

Today’s survey takes you back to our Library web site to visit one of our especially useful pages. If you’ve come this far with us, you’re definitely in the running for the prize!

Here’s the fifth and final survey link. Thanks for your participation, and we’ll be announcing the winner next week!

Five Days of Ford – Databases

Thursday, August 11th, 2011

Five Days of Ford

Day Four digs into databases.

The Library’s online databases are your go-to resource for detailed company, industry, and financial data, as well as articles and much more.

Here’s the fourth survey link. Thanks for your participation!

Five Days of Ford – Reference

Wednesday, August 10th, 2011

Five Days of Ford

Day Three is all about “Reference”.

Reference help is the guidance our librarians give you with locating and using resources for your classwork, and job search.

Here’s the third survey link. Thanks for your participation!