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Teamwork in the Movies

Friday, October 24th, 2008

This week we’re highlighting some of our movies that showcase teamwork. Check back later for movie selections on ethics. You can find all of the movies below in our DVD collection.

  • Heart of the Game–This documentary follows a Seattle girls basketball team through four seasons after Bill Resler, their new
    coach, takes over the team. Resler’s enthusiastic coaching, complete with wild seasonal metaphors (“tropical storm”, “school
    of pirahna”) for the team, sparks several wins but complications abound. The girls must learn to incorporate their more
    athletic members without letting them dominate team play. Even non-sports fans should enjoy this one.
  • Apollo 13–The 1970 Apollo 13 mission was the third manned lunar landing. Crippled by an explosion two days after launch,
    the Apollo spacecraft’s heat, power and water resources were severely compromised. The power loss limited voice
    communications with the flight controllers. Under extreme pressure and with clever management of scarce resources, the crew manages to make it home safely.
  • Saving Private Ryan–Set in World War II during the invasion of Normandy, the film follows Captain John H. Miller who takes a
    small group of soldiers behind enemy lines. Their mission is to retrieve a private whose three brothers have all been killed
    in action. The unit’s cohesiveness is tested after the first enemy skirmish. Critics consider this movie one of the most
    realistic war films ever produced.

Leadership Experience– Building World-Class Leadership Teams

Friday, April 4th, 2008

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Are you interested in attending the Duke MBA Leadership Experience conference (Building World-Class Leadership Teams) developed and hosted by the Leadership Development Initiative (LDI)?

Well here are some new titles available at the Ford Library to help get you in the “swing of things”. Click on any title below to check availability or to place a hold.

Leadership Experience:

Team Building and Collaboration:

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