Dear Business, Communication, and Culture Program Participant:

Welcome to the MMS & MQM Business, Communication, and Culture program! This page contains important information and recommendations that will smooth your transition into the program.  Please read it carefully.

About the Program

Participation in this program is an important investment in your success in many different areas of your academic program. We need all participants to understand that this is not a simple course of study and that a great deal of effort will be required of each individual student. Our curriculum includes cold call lectures, case study, experiential exercises, team projects, advocacy presentations to demanding audiences, and job search skill development. The pace is demanding and brisk. The program curriculum simulates aspects of the academic experience that international students often find particularly challenging.  To begin to prepare for that experience, we recommend that you practice speaking and listening to English with special emphasis on business vocabulary and business issues.

Typically, BCC sessions will begin each day at 8:30 AM and last through 5:30 PM (17:30) Eastern Time.  All participants must attend the daily sessions.  In addition to the daily schedule of sessions, the program requires participants to prepare individual and team assignments outside of class.  Making time to prepare will present some challenges.  In short, there will be many demands on your time during the BCC program.  That will certainly also be true when you begin coursework a few days after the BCC program ends.

To make the BCC a valuable experience, we ask that you attend all of your assigned sessions.  The workload is meant to be rigorous.  Since during the program, you will work on projects as a member of a team, for your benefit and to be fair to your teammates, please do not schedule any absences during the program.

Logistical Information

The instructional material and program information will be located on the program’s Canvas website.  Every course at Fuqua has a corresponding Canvas website, and we will send you information about how to access the BCC site a few days before the program begins.

If you have any questions of any kind before the program begins, please feel free to contact Sharon Terry, the program staff assistant, at In the meantime, wherever you are, stay safe and healthy.  We all look forward to meeting you.

Mark T. Brown