The Two Phases of the BCC Program

The BCC experience occurs in two distinct phases to provide comprehensive support to international MMS and MQM students.

Phase I

A short, intensive program with diagnostic testing, language tutorial, case study, team projects, and experiential learning to prepare participants for the transition into the classroom. If you are required to attend the BCC program, please submit a non-refundable $250 enrollment deposit by the date listed in your student portal.

Phase II

A Full Academic Year of Access to Individualized Tutorial Help at No Extra Charge!

All program participants have access to individual or small group tutorial and feedback sessions over the remaining academic year of their academic experience.  Participants in the BCC are eligible to use the coaching and instructional services of experienced ESL specialists throughout their academic program. These voluntary sessions provide students with individualized assessment and tutoring targeted at enhancement of their communication skills for academic and job search tasks. Students can use these services as frequently as their schedules and time permit.

Individual sessions are provided on a regular basis, and the nature and frequency of these sessions are based on the specific needs of the student. Students are often surprised at how valuable this support and guidance is in helping them overcome the challenges of communication in every aspect of their Fuqua experience, especially but not limited to, team communication, job search skills, and academic work in English.