Veteran Transitions Research Initiative

Welcome to the Veteran Transitions Research Initiative (VTRI) at Duke University’s Fuqua School of Business.

The Veteran Transition Research Initiative at Duke University’s Fuqua School of business has the mission of conducting, inspiring, and communicating transformative research that seeks to illuminate the unique challenges military veterans face when transitioning to the civilian workforce.

“I was lucky enough to witness the immense talent of many veterans firsthand during my time at West Point and in the Army.  I’m grateful to see researchers at top academic institutions help explain why so many veterans are underemployed through the Veteran Transitions Research Initiative. We owe it our women and men who have served our country to do better by them once they leave the military. Helping explain their true value to any employer is a critical step in the right direction.”

Coach Mike Krzyzewski

The Veteran Transitions Research Initiative will not only help those who have served in the military but also organizations as they consider tapping into the talent pool of transitioning military members. Most business leaders who hire transitioning military members quickly see improvements in the teamwork and discipline of their teams.  That shouldn’t be a surprise.  The military trains service men and women to be problem solvers and to accept responsibility.  As a result, they tend to be more innovative and productive. We should support academic research to help define and explain the real value of veterans in business and to address some of the unconscious bias that can sometimes disadvantage them in the hiring process.

Martin E. Dempsey, U.S. Army, Retired