The goal of the VTRI is to conduct and disseminate scientifically rigorous and novel research that can inform recommendations for interventions that would yield improved outcomes for veteran transition success.

The academic social sciences, through applying cutting edge theory and empirical investigations, have gained tremendous knowledge in understanding the barriers certain social groups – for example, women and African Americans – experience in the workforce. The goal of the VTRI is to help develop a comparable basic literature in for veterans.

To this end, the VTRI, housed at Duke University and its Fuqua School of Business, will engage a team of faculty, PhD students and postdoctoral researchers to pursue questions that inform an understanding of the social, psychological and organizational factors that influence veterans’ success in the workplace.

The VTRI will launch formal attempts to encourage other leaders in the field to investigate this topic using their relevant expertise.

In addition to establishing this new focus of research across academia, the VTRI will be fully committed to driving meaningful action across industry and government, to ensure the best outcomes for the military committee.  We recognize the unique responsibility and opportunity to be a beacon of demonstrating the value of “Theory to Practice” leadership.