Finding B-Lab

Labled Duke West Campus for B-Lab

The Fuqua Behavioral Lab (Fuqua B-Lab) is located at Duke’s Fuqua School of Business, on West campus next to the Law School, across from the Sanford Public Policy building. The building is in close proximity to JB Duke and Washington Duke Hotels.  Address for GPS: 100 Fuqua Dr., Durham, NC, 27708.

The quickest way to find the B-Lab at Fuqua building:

  • Enter Fuqua from Science dr. entrance, then go down to the first floor.
  • Walk down the hall, then turn left as soon as the hall adds hanging flags.
  • Continue walking down the short hall. B-Lab will be on your left (Room E198).
  • Signs may help navigate your way. View Fuqua Building Map before coming for your session.

Visitor parking is available in a lot across from the business school on Science Drive. The parking fee is $2 per hour.

Duke buses make stops near the business school. Buses PR1 and C3 stop right by Fuqua’s Science dr. entrance. Buses C1, H5, LaSalle Loop and Bull City Connector  stop in close walking proximity. Refer to real-time bus schedules. Please allow some time for walking.

Refer to this document to learn more about bus routs, other parking sites and some tips on how to navigate on Duke University West Campus.

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