Finding SC Lab

The Fuqua Social Cognition behavioral Lab (SC Lab) space is located at the Fuqua Business School’s basement. Please refer to Finding B-Lab to learn about directions to business school.

For sessions that are scheduled at SC Lab, you will need to meet a researcher at the SC Lab Waiting Area that is located on the first floor in Fuqua’s Keller West part of the business school, under the staircase across the DeSanctis Seminar Room.

Directions to SC Lab Waiting Area:

  • Enter Fuqua from Science dr. entrance, then go down to the first floor.
  • Walk straight down the long hall until you reach the door to exit the building.
  • You will find yourself outside, in the Atrium. Continue waking.
  • After short walk you will need to reenter the building (that is Keller West)  and walk a little bit more so you reach the staircase under which there are couple arm-chairs: this area serves as a waiting area for Social Cognition Lab
  • Signs may help navigate your way. View Fuqua Building Map before coming for your session.


The Fuqua Social Cognition Behavioral Lab is administered by Fuqua B-Lab. If you have any questions, please contact B-Lab manager.


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