The Program in Business, Communication, and Culture (BCC), which is a comprehensive program that prepares international students to succeed at the Fuqua School of Business.  It is a revised version of the Summer Institute in Business, Communication, and Culture (SIB), which was founded in 1991 by Mark T. Brown, Director of the Management Communication Center at The Fuqua School of Business. The efficacy and value of the program have been demonstrated over nearly three decades, and the program has continued to match the changing demands of the business school curriculum during that time.

Members of The Fuqua School of Business faculty have tailored the BCC program specifically to the needs of incoming international students. The BCC is taught by real business faculty. It is by no means simply a language program, but a thorough orientation to and simulation of life at The Fuqua School of Business. Students are given opportunities to refine their skills through rigorous assignments and experiential learning. Students take part in a comprehensive program of lectures, case presentations, writing exercises, and a variety of assignments that get them ready for the rigors of academic life. The BCC goes beyond mere preparation; it offers opportunities for individualized support and learning with experienced instructors and tutors throughout the  entire academic year.

Another key difference between the BCC and other programs is individualized attention.  The faculty and tutors initially assess each student’s abilities and skill set, and then they help students to improve those skills.  The faculty and tutors then develop a personalized learning plan with each student.  Following this plan, they combine classroom learning with experiential and tutorial methods to maximize the growth of each student.