Fuqua Week of Service


The deadline to sign up for the December 2017 Week of Service has passed. We hope to see you at the May 2018 events. More details to come in the spring.

Please contact the Fuqua Service Committee if you have any questions.



Make a positive impact on the Durham community while getting to know your fellow Fuqua employees!


The purpose of the Fuqua Week of Service initiative is to facilitate volunteer opportunities that allow staff to have a tangible, positive impact on the Durham community. Participation in these efforts should also benefit our school community by increasing employee engagement and strengthening our team-based culture. And of course they’re rewarding and fun!

Studies have shown that volunteering has significant health benefits and lead to greater overall happiness.

“People are happier when they give … It’s the way we give and how we give that makes us happy. The key is to give deliberately and thoughtfully, so that other people benefit from it.”
– Professor Dan Ariely

All employees are encouraged to participate and will need their manager’s approval. Each employee has the option to sign up for *ONE* volunteer opportunity, most of which are in 3 – 4 hour time slots. Some, if not all of this time occurs during working hours and will be considered a team-building activity.


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