Ready to engage a team of MBA students to tackle a pressing challenge in your organization?

Application steps

  1. Select the FCCP program you’d like to apply to, based on your project timeline, budget, and student profile preference.
  2. If you’re not sure which program is right for you, fill out our Client Interest Survey so our team can direct you to the best program for your needs.
  3. Complete an application to your preferred program by the application deadline. You’ll provide a brief profile of your organization and the challenges you’re bringing to FCCP. Review our Application Guide ⇓ for a preview of application questions.
  4. Once your application is submitted, FCCP faculty directors, staff, and student fellows will review your application thoroughly and try to match your needs with our students’ interests and skills.
  5. If your project is accepted, a team of MBA students will be matched to your organization.

Choose a program

Master of Management Studies (MMS)Daytime MBAExecutive MBA (EMBA)
Program timelineNovember 2023-February 2024November 2023-April 2024January 2024-June 2024
Student work experienceRecent college graduatesYoung professionalsExperienced professionals
Admin feeNo fee$1,000 to $10,000 depending on company size$1,000 to $10,000 depending on company size
Application periodSeptemberSeptemberNovember
Client overviewFCCP MMS ⇓ + Working with MMS Students ⇓FCCP Daytime MBA ⇓FCCP EMBA ⇓

Frequently asked questions

Please get in touch with our office via our Client Interest Survey to help us better understand your business. We can review your business challenge or idea and assess alignment with one of our student programs.

We invite applications from organizations of all sizes with a compelling business challenge. Most FCCP clients are established businesses that have been operating for at least three years, have 25 or more full-time employees, and at least $1 million USD in revenue or operating budget. Historically, our clients have included large public companies, small businesses, startups and nonprofits.

Clients benefit the most from FCCP when they present our students with a compelling project. Business issues, challenges, or opportunities that would merit engaging a management consultant are more likely to stimulate student interest and result in recommendations of real value to your organization. Adequate internal support is also crucial. Clients tend to do well when they have a senior leader serving as a Project Sponsor and a junior or mid-level person that can serve as a day-to-day Project Lead.

Your team’s senior-level Project Sponsor will meet with students at four main points throughout the course: The project kickoff, the work scope review, the midpoint presentation, and the final presentation. Your organization’s designated Project Lead will also attend these meetings, along with meeting with students weekly throughout to provide input and resolve any outstanding items. Learn more in this video.

Sectors that tend to resonate with Fuqua students include Tech, Healthcare, Sports & Entertainment, Energy, and Social Impact & Sustainability, but this changes with every incoming class and with larger economic trends. International projects have historically been in strong demand. For more context on successful past engagements, explore Projects.

We welcome applicants to re-apply with a new project in the following year.

All engagements conducted under the FCCP are covered by our standard program confidentiality agreement. We request that no confidential information be released to the students, faculty or teaching assistants until all parties have signed this agreement. Learn more in this video.

For our Daytime and EMBA programs, the standard administrative fee is $10,000 per project, which helps cover a portion of our program operating costs. For nonprofits and small businesses with less than $10 million in annual revenue, the administrative fee is $1,000. We consider need-based grants, which you can request upon application. There is no fee for participating in the MMS program, and there is no fee to apply to any program. Learn more about our fees in this video.

Clients are only invoiced if they are successfully matched with a student team. There is no invoice for MMS student projects.